Design-Build Engineering

Integrated Electric is a true design/build electrical contracting firm. In true design-build, we go into partnership with an owner, general contractor, engineer, architect, and other subs. It is a team effort.

We research utility requirements, the jurisdiction of city and state requirements, and what impact they may have on the design. We are aware of the subcontractors’ work requirements—for the HVAC, audio, or fire alarm system—which can vary from city to city.

Compromise and cooperation are a must. A knowledgeable representative for the owner is important to the Design/Build process. This person must be capable of making decisions quickly.

Integrated Electric forms a cohesive team with members fully committed to the common needs and goals set by the owner. The key to our success is bringing the right team together to negotiate a win-win plan, as well as addressing the goals and needs of all team members to ultimately satisfy the owner or general contractor.

Our Design/Build team requires a good initial scope/program of detailed needs and expectations from the owner from which we develop a final product that meets or exceeds the goals of the owner or general contractor.

All members of our design team are experienced and capable in their fields. They have the ability to think “outside the box.”

Integrated Electric is capable of coming up with “win-win” solutions, which incorporate the best balance of cost, function, efficiency, maintainability, and delivery for that particular project.

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