Lighting Retrofits

Gillette World Shaving Headquarters Sign:

Integrated Electric, in cooperation with Signs by Tomorrow Norton, has completed the restoration and retrofit of the Gillette World Shaving Headquarters sign in South Boston. The sign, located on the roof of Proctor and Gamble’s South Boston manufacturing plant, has been a Boston landmark for decades. Restoration work on the sign ties into Gillette’s multi-million dollar renovation projects at the aging plant.

From the first letter to the last, the sign stretches 400 feet long, stands 16 feet tall, and contained 5,000 feet of Neon tubing. Costing over $32,000 per year to operate, and damaged by the elements, it was becoming a glutinous eyesore. With the Neon removed and replaced with over 14,000 LED modules, the sign now consumes only $5,000 per year worth of electricity. Integrated Electric worked with NStar and secured a $56,000 dollar grant towards the project, making the payback for Proctor and Gamble less than three years.

Several companies were considered for this project, but Integrated Electric was chosen due to our ability to present options and cost estimates expeditiously, and our capability to complete the project quickly for Gillette. Signs by Tomorrow Norton was our obvious choice, both for their experience with LED modules as well as their expertise with manufacturing and installing the massive replacement Lexan faces needed for the sign.

Integrated Electric, along with Signs by Tomorrow, was able to present a cost estimate, energy consumption calculations, payback figures, construction schedule, and fully functional models to Gillette in less than two weeks. Construction began in December and was completed in early January. Fully restored and retrofitted, Gillette World Shaving Headquarters will continue to shine brightly on the Boston skyline for many years to come, while leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

Proctor & Gamble Gillette Lot Lighting:

Integrated Electric has been chosen to retrofit all the exterior lighting at Gillette’s South Boston plant. This project includes 83 parking lot light poles and 56 flood lights, providing real savings to Gillette.



Mattapoisett Public Schools:

Integrated Electric will be retrofitting wasteful 400-watt metal halide light fixtures in the gymnasiums at the Mattapoisett High School, Junior High School, Center School, and Old Hammond Town School with energy-efficient T5 fluorescent high bay lighting. We expect to have this project completed by early September.


Hampton Inn Natick, Holiday Inn Somerville:

Hampton and Holiday Inns
Integrated Electric has recently completed lighting retrofits at the Hampton Inn Natick and Holiday Inn Somerville. The retrofit for Hampton Inn included 195 guest rooms, kitchen offices, restaurant, conference rooms, and the parking lot lighting. Holiday Inn with 184 rooms was completed in early August.

Boston Warehouse:

Boston warehouse
This 120,000-square-foot warehouse currently contains over (200) 250-watt HID fixtures that will be retrofitted to new T5 fluorescent fixtures. The existing office fixtures will also be removed and replaced with new T8 fixtures.

Hellenic Nursing Home:

Hellenic rehab
Integrated Electric will be retrofitting all the existing common hall and stairway lighting fixtures. We will also be installing new energy-efficient light fixtures in this 154-bed nursing facility.