Copper vs. Aluminum

copper wireAs buildings become more expensive to build and maintain, the necessity of looking to alternative materials becomes increasingly critical to cost-conscious builders.

One such alternative material, aluminum wire, has been the focus of a lot of attention lately in the construction industry, especially as copper prices continue to rise as aluminum prices remain steady.

Price alone offers a compelling reason why aluminum conductors have a value proposition to offer. One can expect to spend approximately 25 to 40 percent more for copper wire.

Aluminum conductor use is already widespread in the construction industry. MC cable with aluminum feeders have become a staple in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

These various uses demonstrate that aluminum wire has been proven to be a useful, cost-effective, high-performing material. We further present to our client the advantages and disadvantages for installing this option in order to better help our clients make an informed decision regarding which material would best suit their needs.

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